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Our vision

At Scanmar we share a vision of being a leading provider of marine crews to the international shipping industry.
To this end shareholders and employees alike have dedicated themselves to a set of values that we believe are fundamental to its achievement.

our people - Claire De Castro
our people - Leo Alanzalon
our people - Katrina S. Lagramada
our people - Grace Berganio
our people - Hazel Pasague

Our values

Customer focus
We are totally committed to meeting the needs of our many Principals, and we constantly focus on customer satisfaction.

We demand of ourselves and others the highest ethical standards, and our services and processes will be of the highest quality.

Respect for our people
We recognise that the cornerstone of our success is our people, making them  the source of our strength. At Scanmar we pride ourselves for treating people with respect and dignity and giving them the recognition they deserve.

We value innovation as the key to improving, customer service, sustaining growth and profitability both for Scanmar and our Principals. Therefore we encourage any contribution, big or small, towards  sustainable development from employees and stakeholders at all levels in the organisation.

We know that to remain a successful company we must work together, frequently rise above organisational, geographical, and cultural boundaries to meet the changing needs of our Principals.

We strive for continuous improvements in our performance by measuring results carefully and ensuring that integrity and respect for others are never compromised.

We know that the ongoing vitality of local communities where we operate have a direct impact on the long term status of our business. By playing an active role in these communities we offer a better place to live and work.

We believe that leaders empower those around them. They take hold of difficult goals, envisioning how to make them happen, sharing their knowledge and motivating others by rewarding them for their efforts in achieving that goal.